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Aymen Karoui Ph.D.

Professor of Finance

York University, Glendon College

Aymen Karoui is associate professor of finance at York University, Glendon College. Prior to that, he was associate professor in the Department of Finance at the University of Quebec at Montreal. Furthermore, he worked for a couple of years as a portfolio manager at Desjardins Global Asset Management. Karoui holds a Ph.D. in administration from HEC Montreal and an MBA in Finance from Laval University (Quebec City).

Research areas: Mutual Funds, Sustainable Finance, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Socially Responsible Investing (SRI), Portfolio Management, and International Finance.

Pr. Karoui has published articles in the Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Investment Management, European Journal of Finance, Managerial Finance, Financial Markets and Portfolio Management, and Journal of Wealth Management.

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